Honda 6500 Generator 1
HONDA EU6500IS Sync Quiet Generator
Owner Notes:

Sync Quiet Generator 6500 watts, runs a 4k HMI no problem. Great Genny and absolutely a must for productions.

More Info: 6500 Watts 120/240V Perfect for film, home back up power, RVs, outdoor events, and more Super quiet Fuel efficient - runs up to 18 hours on 5.1 gal of fuel Convenient electric start Inverter - stable power for computers and more Fuel injected - better fuel efficiency and lower maintenance

Condition: Like New Replacement value: $4,500.00 SKU: HN-EU6500iSA

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Sale! Red Dragon Camera Package 1
Red Epic-X Dragon Camera Package Rental
Owner Notes:

* Located in Jersey City NJ 2 min from the Holland Tunnel but willing to meet in the city to drop off equipment for extended rentals or a small fee if day rental *

$500/day $1500/week

Shoots 6K at 100fps, 300fps at 2k. More specs at

This is a full Red Epic-X Dragon Package for Rent.

Canon or PL Mount Includes Oconner 1030HDS Head and Legs 2x 128GB SSD Cards 2x 64GB SSD Cards Reader with Cables Touch Screen Monitor Wooden Camera A Box for Sound Handheld System 12" Dove Tail and More. Email for more info.

Condition: Great Condition Replacement value: $65,000.00

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Sale! scarlet_x
Red Scarlet Camera Package
Owner Notes:

*Can work out a meet in the city for drop-off for multi-day orders*

$300/day $900/week $300/weekend

Red Scarlet Package

  2. DSMC Side Module
  3. DSMC Side Handle
  4. Lens Mount Options
    • AI Canon Mount OR PL Mount
  5. Camera Accessories
    • RED DSMC Tactical Top Plate (Cheese Plate on top of Camera)
    • Wooden Camera Quick Back
    • Wooden Camera Swit/IDX Battery Back
    • Wooden Camera Quick Back Switronix V-Mount
    • Wooden Camera Easy Riser
    • Wooden Camera LW 15mm Bracket (Mounts on Riser)
  6. AC Power Adapter (Scarlet-X Wall Power)
  7. Storage and Offload Options
    1. (4) 64GB REDMAG SSD’s
    2. (2) RED SSD Readers
  8. Small HD Monitor

SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X® is a completely flexible device, utilizing HDRx® and interchangeable lens mounts so you don't have to replace your existing lens collection. Shoot motion video and stills images at 5K resolution up to 12 frames per second, or up to 30 frames per second at 4K. When you shoot with SCARLET-X MYSTERIUM-X, you are also capturing over 6x more pixels than HD for superior motion capture. With the convergence of cinema and photography, SCARLET provides all the tools necessary for filmmakers and photographers alike.

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